Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Challenge #3 Headings & Counterfeit Kit blog hop.

The challenges this month are:

 and the one I'm doing here.........
I decided to use some embroidery cotton as my heading for this layout.

Here's how I went about getting it ready for sewing.
Step 1 : Type your title and choose your font on the computer.
step 2: Print off a sample.
 If it is too small try a bigger size.
I decided that 72 was the correct size for my layout.

Place it over your patterned paper to compare.

Step 3: Employ a technique I learnt back in the Dark Ages at school.
Colour over the printing on the reverse side with a soft pencil.
Step 4: Using the same pencil, trace over the printed letters on the right side onto your patterned paper. It should leave a pencil outline for you to sew on to.
Step 5: Sew your heading. I used stem stitch.

Next, I used paint to create a coloured background for my hessian.
I cut small rectangles of hessian and lightly painted them using left over paint.
I stitched them under the picture with grey buttons and matching thread.
My other embellishments were added.
The large wooden butterfly has faux stitching using gel pen.
I added matching MME gel dots, journaling card and words.

Here's the order for the Blog Hop

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Virginia said...

Oh that's a fab layout and love the subject! I also love stitching on layouts!

Lisa said...

your hand stitched title is much more successful than mine! this was more the look I was aiming for! Love that photo of the statue and you've really highlighted it well.

Jimjams said...

Super page - well done on the stitching for the title - a labour of love!

Laura said...

Yeah, that fits the bill for an unusual title! Love that it is stitched - not sure I'd have the patience!

Tina Campbell said...

Wow that is so cool! That is taking the challenge to the next level!

Janine Rachau said...

The red is such a terrific color for highlighting the amazing work of a magnificent artist! Love how you managed a clean page with so much technique involved. Thank you for sharing how you got the traced the title. I had forgotten that simple method to help recreate an image. Love this, Julene!

LCSmithSAVED said...

Definitely an unexpected title! Love the stitching.

Lisa said...

Super cool title technique! This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for hand stitching!