Monday 28 September 2009

Enchanted cybercrop

With the renovation going on here I was sidetracked and nearly forgot Enchanted scrapbooking's cybercrop.Luckily the challenges were extended until Tuesday night so I managed to get them done and uploaded today. They are also having a search for a design team so I threw my hat in the ring yet again.Probably will be disappointed.The girls on there are so friendly and always put nice comments on your work.It is good to get feedback after spending a couple of hours on a layout.

Saturday 26 September 2009

Taking stock and scraproom renovation

The builder came today,finally after 4 months of waiting,begging and nagging,then threatening to ring office of fair trading.

He cut a sample from the stained gyprock to take away for testing to see if it is creosote staining the wall.The hole was then plastered over.The whole wall will be sealed,properly this time, then re-painted.I have requested NOT purple this time.
After all this is done can move my scrap cupboard into the scraproom and decorate it to my taste.......can't wait.I've put a photo on here so I can look back at what has been done. Note the brown marks staining the wall.

Thursday 17 September 2009

Gone antique with walnut ink

I've made a layout to try and recreate the old Roman/Victorian feel of Bath in England.

First, I washed the white paper with walnut ink and water using a sponge then used pinecone ink to age the page even further.This challenge was for 123 challenges and had to include bookpaper,the word smile and a non-scrapping item. I used a tiny brush which looked a bit like a bath brush.Luckily I had kept a brochure from my visit there in 1976.

I was happy with the overall look of this one.

Saturday 12 September 2009

Blog prize arrives and a soft looking layout

My blog candy arrived yesterday so I now have chipboard vines,owls and a word to use as well as some yummy rub-ons.

I've started packing up layouts to do while at the retreat.This is a method that has worked for me before....with all the necessary bits in a plastic bag you just open and scrap.The purplescraps retreat is just over a month to go and time is approaching too fast.

Yesterday I did this layout for Mystical scrapbooking's sketch challenge. The lace on it is from the 1960s, but suits the softness on the layout.The swirly marbled paper is from

Tuesday 8 September 2009

Max's wonderful Wednesday Wishes

I've just been checking out Maxine Hazelbroek's new online store "Wednesday's wishes" featuring some very "arty" scrapbooking items.I've always loved her style and now she and Audrey are sharing it with others. There's a Moulin rouge kit(unfortunately sold out) that would have been fantastic. I also like the burlesque kit.Might have to keep a large eye on that site.

Saturday 5 September 2009

Catching up

I've had a cold the last few days which has given me the opportunity to catch up on forums I'm now part of.
Enchanted scrapbooking have 4 each month and I've just uploaded 3 of them. All I need now is a birthday layout.
Mad about scrapbooking are having a giveaway so I entered that as well.
Mystical scrapbooking sent my discount voucher for winning the July challenge so I've ordered some cute bird shaped chipboard with that.
I've done the challenge for a2z scraplets as well.