Thursday, 19 September 2013

CHA counterfeit mini kit

The kit I have chosen to Counterfeit is Bo Bunny Kraft Line

If you scroll down you will see circles with various chevrons etc in them.
This is what I'm counterfitting
I started with Kraft coloured papers.
Using plain Kraft, a chevron mask and a small square versa black ink

A square ink pad rubbed inside a roll of D/S tape creates an exact circle.

And so I repeated it across the page in rows.

I then looked for another shape...I was thinking hearts but found my old star stamp again.

Using the same idea I had circles of tiny stars.
I also discovered that I has circle stamps with patterns in them which would do the same thing.
So now I have some moustaches cut from scraps of patterned paper and circles of grid design
And the final mini kit with braids in hessian tones, chipboard clocks and gears, a clock mask and pebbles blackboard tabs.
And there you have my complete Counterfeit Bo Bunny kit.


Isbaha said...

Such a great idea ! Pretty kit.

Lesley G said...

Great forgeries :)

mandysea said...

I love that Bo Bunny Kraft! And you've created yours (and I think its better!) Love the inky-ness!!!

Lucy said...

You should be nominated for some scrapbooking great invention prize Julene!

petrii said...

So clever this is!!! Great job!

Blessings ~~ dawn

Vikki said...

great job on this!

Lisa said...

Wow, you did a great job here. Very creative and just goes to show that with a little thought something equally good, if not better, can be created with what we have on hand.

LCSmithSAVED said...

Clever solution to those circles!