Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas project at Counterfeit Kits.

This post is a copy of one found on Counterfeit Kit Challenges.

My favourite part of Christmas is watching the transformation in the stores.
Suddenly there appears decorations, toys, paper, trees, food that doesn't normally inhabit the shelves.
Towards the end of November, I walked to my local store to take some photographs.
I managed to fit 3 on my layout.

But first the structure of it.

First, I fussy cut around the large flowers on 2 of the papers,one red and one green.
I tore the plain red paper to 11x11 and placed it diagonally on the plain lime green background

The torn edge provides contrast.
Next, I used foam tape and adhered the flower sections in the bottom left hand corner.
This gave it depth.
Feel free to pop small pieces under the petals as needed.

Next, I positioned 2 photos then glued my diagonal heading.
TIP : Use a clear ruler to position accurately
With  a space left, I used one of my frames to put a smaller photo in that top corner.
Lay it over before you adhere and cut away the excess.
 and finally my layout

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