Thursday 12 March 2015

Challenge #2 Inspired by Irish.-Counterfeit Kits

Our 2nd challenge at CKC is to be inspired by something Irish

No not the shamrocks........................................................... that wet stuff on it!

I recall my trip to Ireland in 2009 and over the 9 days we saw much rain.
Our coach courier would refer to it as a "soft" morning, irish misht, etc. This graph helps

This inspired me to create a layout starting with MISTING through a Jennifer Grace Happy Scatter.
It gave my layout a rainy looking background.
I added clouds and washi along the top plus some bigger drizzles running down the page.
(reminded me of the windows on the coach)

Next I added my photo of the houses in The Ring of Kerry.
See how green the grass is? It is the rain!!!!

I hope you've enjoyed your (wet) trip to Ireland, now go and create something.


Janine Rachau said...

Such a wonderful, creative page. What I love most of all is how it reminds me that the rain is necessary for the lush green grass and how that can relate to our own periods of rain. Being in a little bit of a slump myself, it's a great reminder. Love your terrific photograph and how the whole page encompasses with texture the feel of the rain.

Susan said...

Beautiful and very creative page! Ireland is on my bucket list - hope to be able to visit some day.

Clair said...

Still haven't been to Ireland - and it's only a short, little distance from me. You've inspired me to add it to my travel wish list!

sassyscrapper said...

I love the "wet" technique you used! Beautiful job!

LCSmithSAVED said...

I think this is my favorite post of yours EVER! Charming & personal & witty & totally delightful :D

Lisa said...

I often have a conversation with students where they are not as flattering as they could be about how much rain Britain or Ireland has to offer and I always point out that the reason Ireland is considered the Emerald Isle is because its so GREEN. And there's NO way these amazing colours would be possible without all that rain! It makes them think! Great techniques here to highlight that part of your Irish experience. Made me smile!

Virginia said...

gorgeous pages