Saturday, 20 July 2013

Evzones at Scrapfriends colour challenge

Here is the colour palette for Scrapfriends.
Again I've gone against the normal and created a male layout using PINK!!! ( No I don't mean the pop star.)
My background was created by using "pretty pink" acrylic paint, then dribbling turquoise mist over the top in splashes. The mesh allows this to show through.

The photo was taken from the hop-on hop-off bus. We were in Syntagma square watching the changing of the guard, then hopped on the bus and followed the guards as they marched around the corner. The reflection of the hand rail is on the photo as we took it through the glass.

I resisted from using flowers and tried to make my other embellishments more masculine.
I've used fibre that I found, instead of ribbon and a combination of alphas as I ran out of Z! That is the first time that has happened. If you want to know more about the Evzones watch this You tube video.
They do look like the ministry of Funny Walks from Monty Python.

Here's my layout.


Lizzy Hill said...

Hey! I'm back:):) Good on you 'scrapping outside the square', so to speak???!!!! We saw these guys, too...amazing! LOVE how you've used that looks great & you've used our SF colour palette really well...thanks for sharing!!!!

Sanna Lippert said...

looks to me that pink w/ boy and/or male photos is getting really trendy on this challenge :)! it´s nice to think outside the box once and a while, isn´t it :)! glad you played along with us at SF :)