Monday, 12 September 2016

Counterfeit Kit challenge #2

CHALLENGE TWO:  Just One Lesson For this challenge, we're going "Back To School". Go back to any class you've taken that is scrapbook related, and just do one of the lessons. Remember you can take inspiration in any way for this challenge, your project doesn't have to be the same as the teacher's. Just let us know what class it's from, and how you were inspired by the teacher. If you've never purchased a scrapbook class, I would recommend checking out the Twopeasinabucket channel or Crafty Jen Schow's series on youtube for several free classes.
The technique I've chosen is weaving.
It can be used in a variety of ways on scrapbooking layouts and cards, but I watched this video and it inspired me to use all those end strips.

 I used some shorter strips I had plus 2 wiggly edges that were also in my kit. It doesn't matter so long as it is long enough to weave. You could also do this with pretty ribbons for a similar effect.
Remember to adhere the top end before you start weaving as this stops it slipping

Choose a photo or two that are reasonably neutral or without too many colours.
I chose 2 dark ones and after matting, decided to turn the layout sideways.
My ticket from the Rijks Museum became my title.
Above it, I had a ticket shaped picture from a birthday card featuring people entering a building.
I've added other embellishments as needed and because I had no E left in my alphas, I wrote everyday is a boon.(old fashioned word )




Kelly Sroka said...

Love this! Great lesson!

Lisa said...

Paper weaving is something I've never tried but the effect looks great and you're right that it would use up a lot of bits and pieces left at the bottom of my kit box! Great page Julene.