Friday, 12 June 2015

Challenge #2 Transportation

While we were on Norfolk Island we were lucky enough to watch a ship unload.
As the seas are too rough for a ship to come into port, lighters or barges are used. shows one such lighter in action.

Cars, buses refrigerators, food etc are all unloaded this way.

My layout shows two photos of this happening. The first is the ship with lighters and the second is the goods stacked on the wharf.
My journaling says basically what I have just described.

Keen followers will know where the hessian came from.
I also used some twine and a diagonal hatched card to give it a wharf feel.


LCSmithSAVED said...

How interesting! Love that bit of Hessian (wink-wink)

Lisa said...

Interesting that you captured this on film and now in your scrapbook! Great job with the diagonals giving it a slightly industrial feel