Saturday, 28 August 2010


I posted this post on the 10th July
Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Coming up in August,From screen to scraps first birthday celebrations.There will be a blog hop with PRIZES!!!!.There will be several prizes including kits,vouchers,stamps and other items up for grabs!

Become a follower to my blog between now and the 26th of August(my birthday) and I will send a prize to a randomly drawn new follower."

This post has 2 parts. Firstly an early advertisement for FS2S's blog hop and secondly my own offer of a prize donated by me to any new followers,to be announced on my birthday,totally unrelated to FS2S.If it has caused confusion to anybody I'm sorry. It was done purely to be generous on my behalf.
I chose my winner from my now 40 followers,34 of which came to me from FS2S.I did it by picking a number at random then seeing what follower was that number.

The blog hop prize has not yet been announced so the What's old is new again kit is still to be decided.
My apologies to Shazza who has reprimanded me for announcing a winner(which I have not) and anybody else who is confused.


Kelly Massman said...

It's so easy to have a miscommunication--I'm the Queen of it!! :-)

Tanstar said...

Hi Julene, thanks soooo much for choosing ME on your birthday - I appreciate it. I got your giveaway goodies in the mail today and it was such a lovely surprise. Happy scrapping!