Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A busy time and another month rolls on.

June is Tax time so I've been busy sorting out all my paperwork in preparation for the tax man.At the same time I'm going through Mum's house trying to find places to sell/give away/store her stuff.One of the burdens of us "baby boomers" is aged parents living longer meaning we are torn for our time between needs of our parents,our kids and our own lives.At least I don't have to hurry with this chore!Actually I'm enjoying looking in antique shops while I'm doing it! I visited a retro 50's and 60's shop yesterday and saw so many things that brought back memories.
Scrapbooking wise I'm doing the rounds of the sites I'm on for another month,checking on sketches/challenges/inspiration.One even requires a photo of me on a layout(gulp!!!!)
If you are reading this and need inspiration go to FROM SCREEN TO SCRAP this month where the layout is based on the movie ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Click on the blinkie at the side and it will take you there.

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