Thursday, 18 February 2010

Rak winner and a frustrating couple of days.

My RAK winner is MANDY! Once I have your address it will be in the post.
Scrapbook news and review needed a contract signed and returned within 3 days.It came through to me as gobbletygook.I was almost in tears of frustration trying to print it out.I sent them 3 emails asking for it in word format.
Finally Loubylou from Enchanted scrapbooking suggested I reload Adobe reader and hey presto,there was the contract in English.I quickly signed it an emailed it along with descriptions of materials for each of the 6 layouts.
I had an expensive trip to get 2 photos developed today.They cost 30 cents but on the way out I noticed Big W had pads of scrapbooking papers on special.I bought 2 plus some chipboard, so that trip cost me nearly $50.


Mandy said...

spending money on scrap supplies is always worth it...i got some awesome adhesive paper from big w last a pad 6 x 6 it for my cuttlebug...thanks for the rak...will annopunce it on my blog

Unknown said...

Hi Julene, thanks for blog visit :) Glad you got your contract sorted and lol at spending more than intended during your photo trip... it seems to happen all the time!!
Aga xx