Thursday, 18 June 2009

An amazing trip to Europe.

I'm back from our amazing trip to Europe with so many memories that it is hard to summarise them.I've taken over 1500 photos so plenty there to scrapbook.We visited Ireland,Scotland,England,Paris,Milan,Venice,Florence,Rome,Rhodes and Athens.

I've seen many famous monuments like Eiffel Tower,Leaning tower of Pisa,The Colloseum,The Trevi Fountain,Isle of Capri,Bridge of sighs,St Marks Square,The Vatican,st Peters Basillica,Big Ben,Tower of London,Globe Theatre,The LOndon Eye,Cliffs of Moher,Ring of Kerry,Londonderry,Westminster Abbey,York Cathedral,the shambles, etc. At this stage I'm still trying to believe I actually went....but it is true.

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