Thursday, 11 December 2008

Getting prepared for Christmas-why do we do all this every year?

I've written and posted the cards,bought all the presents for family and friends, organised who is going where on Christmas Day and Boxing day,put up the tree,hung up the cards I'm receiving, been to a couple of Christmas get-togethers(and avoided one I dread every year!). Now all that is left is the grocery shopping. By the time cHristmas gets here everyone is tired and short tempered ,including me.
When I look back over the years,the photos always remind me of family arguments,wrong presents given and uncharitable moods,including my divorce on Christmas Eve one year.
As the titlesays:-Why do we do it? Christmas has become too commercial and lost its simple meaning.BAA_HUMBUG.
Hopefully this year we can all celebrate with simple love and pleasantries for one another.
To anyone reading this, HAPPY CHRISTMAS

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