Monday, 5 May 2014

Let's chip it!

I've just discovered a brand new site (for me) named Chip it.
What you do is put in any photo and it gives you possible colours to scrap with for that photo.

Here is my daughter's kitchen windowsill done on chip-it

There were so many colours on it I didn't know where to start.

Here is another photo with less colours

I think I'm addicted!!!!
One more before I go using this month's photo from Archiscraps.
Remember the extra criteria is Misting.

And here is Chip it's result

I, for one, would never have thought of green but there you go!


Susan Hogan said...

Great site - good find! Is your Unstampabelles post ready to go up?

MiliPea Designs said...

I think I created a monster! LOL! I think you, especially, will find it quite useful with all of the challenges you do (helping to put colors together and such). I know I certainly find it easier for that purpose.