Thursday, 31 October 2013

November Counterfeit Kit

Welcome blog hoppers and assorted visitors.

Our November Kit is based on Jenni Bowlin October Kit with add ons.
Here it is
The papers look like this
and here are mine. As it is mainly browns and greys, I've called it......................

                                        THE HOBO KIT

     The papers                      
More smaller papers and clocks on paper.
Then the alphas
And finally the embellishments. I pulled apart an old picture dictionary, so I've added lots of brown & grey as well as orange things, including animals.

There are also some ribbons and orange chevron bags plus heaps of tags.
I have an idea for the tags which will appear later this month.

There was an add on kit for Jenni Bowlin featuring Halloween

So I made a Halloween mini kit as well
I couldn't find a spider anywhere so I put a green cockroach/beetle thing in the web with jiggly eyes. I think it is scary! Many people find clowns scary too which is why he is there.
And for something completely different, I found an old red indian outfit from when I was a kid.
I have photographed it so now plan to cut it up and use the hessian.
I'll bet you won't see another of those on the blog hop!!!
Order of the Hop:


Guest Designer:  Vikki





JulieJ said...

LOL. I hope to see that hessian on a page with a photo of you wearing that outfit!

Angela Coles said...

fab outfit.

and a picture dictionary - now what a great idea!

Sassy Breese said...

Oh my, you have thrilled me with your kit. First, I am grooving to the papers you matched up. The picture dictionary. How brave of you to cut into a book. (very hard for me to do) Your mini book. (hope there will be a mini tutorial to go with it. First question, how large are those circles?)And the costume! At first I thought you meant the ribbon trim, but Mr. Google shows me you meant the material. Mr. Google is very resourceful. As is this interpretation of the kit.

Lisa said...

no, I think you can safely say that we won't be seeing any others LOL! I agree with Julie that you MUST make a layout featuring yourself wearing it. it is beyond cute! Great kit wiht those fall colours and lots and lots of bits and pieces to layer up and mess around with.

Jimjams said...

Great idea to use the picture dictionary and no, I don't expect there will be another childhood outfit on the hop!

Margie said...

Haha! Love the name of your kit!

li-bee-ti said...

Awesome kit, Julene! and what a creative idea with the picture dictionary. WTG

sassyscrapper said...

My son has this infatuation with hobos so your title made LOL! Totally inspired idea to cut apart the picture dictionary. Great idea. Can't wait to see!

One Scrap Happy Momma said...

Your kit name is very funny. You have so many wonderful finds in here. Lucky girl!

LCSmithSAVED said...

You got your "brown" kit & have run away with it! So fun to see all your wonderful stash together to make this very cool Hobo Kit - and altho I feel so sad that your outfit is being dismantled, it's great to know that it will live on instead of being packed away. I, too, hope you have a photo of you wearing it back in the day!

Texas Cattlewoman said...

I'm smitten with the name! My son uses hobo as part of his online nic. I love love the colors, embellishments and the outfit is so unique! As I progress through the hop this is an amazing journey!

kate blue said...

wow! I personally could cut up a book in a minute, but the costume?? No way! Love that you are thinking outside the box this month and I love the chevron adds and the "clown" even though I'm one of those who are afraid of them!

mandysea said...

YOu matched that kit so well especially the papers! Wow on the little Halloween mini - wish I had some pics to do one!! Yeah...use the costume... that's a great idea.. immortalise it in your albums!!!

Tara O said...

LOL at your hessian! I love your paper choices!

Tricia said...

Awesome kits! I'm one of those people that are scared of clowns! :)

Clair said...

What a lovely looking kit - I love how you've combined grey with all of the autumnal colours! Gorgeous!