Tuesday, 19 March 2019

D-Lish scrap fabric challenge

This challenge appealed to me because of the photo I wanted to scrap.
It was taken at Patonga where Mum and Dad met and consequently used to go for weekends and holidays. 
I used hessian which actually comes from Dad plus a crochet trim from Mum's sewing stash.
There is also a vintage button from Mum.

The D-lish items are red and white spotted doileys, hessian flower and enamel dots.
The red and white chevron bag might be too. I've forgotten where that came from.

If you are wondering why I put thank you at the bottom of the page it is me saying thank you to my parents for keeping these photos and preserving the memories.

1 comment:

Becca Sadler said...

Wonderful layout to treasure, Julene! Certainly has a vintage vibe!