Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Counterfeit Kit decorated door challenge

This is the door I have chosen as inspiration.
I found it on Pinterest, but it wasn't in the CKC group.

 I started with a Bella Wedding paper named Florentine.
Next I found a large black shiny doiley and using a plate cut the curve to resemble that in the photo.I doodled in the gaps.
I found a photo from a costume exhibition I recently attended of a 1920s dress on a model.
I placed it behind the door by cutting slits in the paper.
More doodling to draw the lights on the wall either side and an old fashioned telephone cut out and glued where the pot is on the left hand corner of the photo.
I had fun doing this one.


Lisa said...

no wonder you picked to be inspired by that gorgeous door! and you made a really pretty layout.

LCSmithSAVED said...

This was super-creative :D

Loved your comment on the pin: Gorgeous! It's like Hobbit hole meets the Jazz Age.

I totally agree! Really unique inspiration & your idea to doodle worked great.

In His Grace, Janine Rachau said...

Beautiful inspiration and interpretation. The dress is as beautiful as the rest of it too!

cinmfoster said...

Great take on the challenge. Love the use of the black doily.
Cindy F.

Angela Coles said...

what a beautiful doorway, and a fabulous layout inspired by it. Wow.

Susanne said...

Such an original layout - love how you translated the inspiration to the page.