Tuesday, 1 May 2018

MAY Counterfeit Kit

The original kit is from Mind the scrap and looks like this on first glance.

Part of it is mixed media so I will add those components as needed.
I made a list based on these 2 photos.

pink with small circles
turquoise figured print
black and white stripes with round pink flowers.
Gold lettering
mini phrases
light bulbs
bunches of flowers

Leslie later showed us separate photos and the kit changed.

Welcome to my rather small kit (by my standards) PINK Rogue
Here's my papers.
There are black and white cardstock on top left plus one sheet of turquoise, the remainder is pink tones. Some vellum is there top right.
(Yes, I've gone slightly rogue)

The bottom row is 8x8 papers.
I also included some 6x6 papers I found.
These reminded me of the black and white striped paper with the pink bunches of flowers in the original kit.

My alphas are silver and black as I didn't have any gold.

My embellishments are mainly pink tones.

I've given a nod to the cats and dogs with my snake, elephant, wolf and owl.
There might be some cats and light bulbs appearing later.
There are lots of hearts, flowers and words.
I've added heaps of pink toned tags and embroidery cotton in pink,blue and black.
I also found a packet of silver and gold frames.

My main aim with scrapbooking now is to USE WHAT I HAVE.
I have done this on this kit as nothing new was bought.


Here's the order of the blog hop: (Welcome to the prolific Emma Clark.)

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See the source image


Lisa said...

Well, you know that I'm going to love all the pink! It's such a pretty kit and I just know that you are going to make a whole bunch of pretty papers and cards with this set of supplies. Going rogue is fun sometimes although the original is always there if you look. I love that you use what you have - I always (or rather mostly!) do this. Great kit Julene. Here's to a good month.

Margie said...

What a lovely big kit! Love all of the Pretty bits you chose this month!

Lori said...

Beautiful kit! I am lovin' all of the pink you have added to it!

cinmfoster said...

Lovely kit, I didn't think of adding vellum such a nice to the kit.
Cindy F

Tina Campbell said...

Oh I like you going rogue :) Love the pinks you chosen too such a light and airy kit :) Should be fun to play with :)

LCSmithSAVED said...

So fun to see your analysis of the kit components & the personalized version you've made. No point in making a kit you won't use! I think that's why I rarely buy kits - too much in them that I don't think I'll make use of for the price. I know that you've already been busy creating & am looking forward to getting a peek!

Clair said...

Loving the vintage vibe of your kit this month x