Friday, 6 March 2015

A war typewriter and a giant sticker.

In my March Counterfeit kit I had a group of stickers, including a giant one of a typewriter.
I decided to use it on this layout. This is my OWN CHALLENGE.

Putting it in the bottom left corner meant I could use a smaller sheet to resemble paper in the roller.
I should have used lined paper.
I placed the smaller photo at the top of the paper in the roller and used washi tape to emphasise the rolling through effect.
I journalled under this photo as it is my "story".
I added a Teresa Collins wooden piece saying documented.
So far so good...........

My original intention was to use cogs or chipboard but nothing I had suited.
I added the large photo overlapping the handle from the typewriter.
My title came next followed by the arm pointing, cut from another patterned paper.
I then recycled a matchbook cover showing a map of Australia and the flag.
I found another wooden shape of a star and added it to the corner to reflect those on our flag.


Susan said...

Such a creative idea Julene! I was drawn to the typewriter when I first saw your kit and was wondering how you would use it. It's perfect match for your photos. And the "documented" wood veneer is a great accent for it too.

In His Grace, Janine Rachau said...

Clever use of the typewriter sticker. Love the way you journaled with the "documented" piece to leave the authentic seal of completion :) I also think I spy a clever use of some "3"s. There never are enough "E"s in an alphabet!

Tina Campbell said...

Very creative layout Julene :) I love the emphasis that it's your own challenge and you did fantastic with it :)

Virginia said...

Fab layout - love all the detail!

Lisa said...

so creative. that typewriter sticker is a real eye-catcher!