Tuesday, 4 October 2016

October forgeries on the fourth

This month's kit lent itself to forgeries.
These are the papers I have forged.
For the floral on the left I used 2 masks I own, one is a water lily the other is a daisy style flower cluster.

For the paper on the right I've used BLUE paint and reproduced the circles with a thick paintbrush.

I'm not including the one on the left.
For the lemon slice one I simply stamped the images using half a lemon.

I used a yellow wash afterwards to replicate the tinting.

For the yellow on the left, I used an October afternoon paper.
For the squares on the right I first washed blue over the paper then stamped over with a black verso square ink pad.

The one on the left was made using 3 washi tapes a little yellow paint and a watery splash with blue.

I splattered blue paint to create the paper on the right.

For the left one I've cut up 3 sheets of striped 8x8 paper then made a crazy quilt by gluing them on a background.

Look at my forgeries! They may not be as "professional" but they achieve the same ends.
Paired with the other papers I'm sure they will work out fine.


dyspraxic organised scrapper said...

beautiful forgeries

Susanne said...

These have been fun to see. I wish I had that kind of patience to make my own papers.

Lisa said...

Fun fun fun! You are so good at seeing ways of reproducing the original sheets and then using them. I often find my forgeries left at the bottom of my kit box! Great takes on the different styles of paper!