Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Challenge #2 Candy corn colour balance

CHALLENGE TWO: Candy Corn Color Balance
The astrological sign for most of the month of October is Libra, symbolized by a scale. The second challenge this month is to keep your project's color scale balanced. An easy way to attain color balance is the gallon-quart-pint strategy, but you can also think of a piece of candy corn, which is my particular preference at this time of year! Use one color for the majority of your project (the gallon or the orange part of the candy corn), another color for a smaller part of your project (the quart or the yellow part of the candy corn) and one color for a tiny part of your project (the pint or the white part of the candy corn). You can find an explanation and sample layout here:

My gallon is white, my quart is medium blue and my pint is dark blue.
I've used one of the papers I counterfeited.
Hidden under the mat behind those 2 photos is................the dinosaur!
I've also used a journaling card, brad and washi tape for the dark blue.
The lighter blue appears in the washi tape as well plus the paint on the background.



mandysea said...

And it looks wonderful! What an adventure going down the locks! Great take on the challenge... just wish I had time to take part. Each month I think.. will do this month, and then the next.... maybe next month!

Susan said...

Clever of you to use the dinosaur paper by covering it - love all the blues too.

Lisa said...

Oh! You covered up the dino :-( I was so looking forward to your clever way to use it in a meaningful way! ha ha° Great layout using that forged paper and you nailed the colour balance - a really lovely monochromatic colour scheme