Friday, 5 August 2016

Sponge seller

This layout grew from the paper layering. There are 5 papers in various sizes under those photos.
I have also used the last chalkboard sticker, plus a gold thread given to me by Lisa from CKC.

My title is cut from a photo taken outside this shop on Symi,Greece.

The key and lock have a special significance for me as Thena, my Greek friend, tried to buy a wrought iron key in Australia.
When we weighed it and found it was 10kg,she changed her mind. We laugh about it quite often.

I've used a few old metallic brads on the keyhole and tag as well.


LCSmithSAVED said...

Fun memory! Love all your bits that tell more of the story :)
I've never seen a sponge shop...

Lesley G said...

Clever page and happy memory

Lisa said...

Great to see the gold thread here - looks great. The photo is a lovely one and I really like the meaning you've added to the page with the key