Friday, 12 August 2016

Scchonbrunn Palace layouts

Now for 2 layouts of Schonbruun Palace(there will be more)

Here's the info if you want to investigate.

I've saved this ornate kraft & black paper until last, as I had a specific idea in mind.
The large picture was from the carry bag at the gift shop. I fussy cut around it and pasted it on the layout.
The row of diamentes across the bottom is from Prima.(slightly cut off in the scanner)
The 2 photos show the front and back views of the palace.(Humble little place isn't it?)
I've kept the layout simple so that the photos tell the story.

I then completed a second layout featuring the main fountain and gloriette
(That's the archways thingy behind the fountain!)
On this one I've used the large wood veneer door inked gold.
There is also a journaling card listing what we saw.
I've made a gathered flower from antique lace & lightly tinted yellow in places with mist.
You'll notice there is no title .
I intend to make a separate page for the title as there are many more photos.

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LCSmithSAVED said...

Brilliant way to use that door! Can't even imagine how much more you have to scrap from this trip... what an amazing journey!