Thursday, 2 May 2013

Tutorial or mucking about with balloons.

Last night I found my 7 gypsies stamp with steampunk/Victoriana designs.
Out came the hot air balloon.
I found some revolting paper I knew I wouldn't use for a page so started stamping.

Then, I cut the balloons into tag shaped rectangles and adhered them to tags.3 I left loose.

 I started experimenting.

 I inked the edges using pinecone ink or black ink. I decided that I liked pinecone better as it is brownish. One tag was thrown away.
Some, I inked with old paper distress ink.(looked okay, but a bit greenish)
One, I dipped into walnut ink and let dry. (This looks good.)

I wet embossed some of the balloons.( Gives a good textural look.)
I used Prima Sunrise Sunset Epoxy dots over the top of some balloons, even over the embossed ones. Looks great!!!

Then I finished off the tags using scraps of patterned paper and orange mini alphas. I chose words relating to balloons like up, up & away,float, fly etc.
Here's the finished products

LHS=no embossing with pinecone inking
Middle 3=top (embossing only),middle(old paper ink plus embossing),bottom(embossing & pinecone ink over tag)
RHS= top (walnut ink, embossing and epoxy dots. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE) and bottom right is pinecone and epoxy dots.

I will probably use them all up on cards, layouts or gifts so keep your eyes out for them.
Which one do you like best???

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Jennifer Grace said...

My favourite is the middle one (old paper ink plus embossing), love the textural, vintage look. They are all great though, well done for experimenting! x