Monday, 6 May 2013

CSI #70 for Counterfeit Kits

Counterfeit Kits are working with CSI this month to inspire us.
They gave us a variety of sketches to use including this one from Sketches with a Twist for February.
We are asked to do a layout based on a CSI challenge.
As I've been doing CSI for a while the pallettes given I've already used, so Bethany(from Counterfeit Kits) said I may do the current one.
With all that organised here is my mini kit
I've used everything except the green fabric and I added green embroidery thread and white buttons as I went along.
Here's my layout and 2 close ups.
I inked with black over the large flower on the embossed paper under the photo.
You can see Memory Maze chicken wire above, between the 2 flowers.

and my hand stitching on top and along the gingham frill on this one. Just pretend you can't see denim poking out as it was cut from the hem of a skirt.
Also we are asked to show the "crime scene" so I have 2 photos for you! One is my messy desk and the other one is my tidy desk. Mostly it is tidy as being a Virgo, I'm a perfectionist (Generally).


Lisa Echerd said...

such a pretty page. I like how you used your paint and found objects.

glorygirl said...

Love all the gorgeous flowers and the paint on this page! I have no idea what it would feel like for my space to be "mostly tidy"!!! LOL!

Trish said...

Fantastic page Julene...I am a very untidy scrapper! Yours looks great even though you say it's

Julia said...

Lovely page!! Also love the shot of your tidy and untidy desks. I am usually tidy by nature and keep my desk tidy unless I am working on something and then it is crazy messy!!

Dale Tiernan said...

So interesting to see your scrappy space.
Pretty girly page.

MiliPea Designs said...

Wonderful take on the case file and, being a Virgo myself, totally appreciate both versions of your desk! LOL!

Angela Toucan said...

lovely fabric.
very pretty page, well done on the CASEfile