Friday, 3 May 2013

Counterfeit Kit for May

Counterfeit Kit comes in 2 parts this month.
I've put each original kit first then mine after.
Part One...the original above and mine below.
I went a bit dotty with this bundle so I'm calling my May CK the dotty kit!! I've tried to match it by colour and pattern.

My embellishments are different but I do have lots of buttons so will add these as required.

Part Two ...Here's the original
And here's my take on it. Again, I matched colours and patterns.

I took this photo early this morning so the colours aren't true to life. Basically, there is a mauve/green/white spotted sheet. Next are 3 aqua toned sheets, a black patterned one and a yellow-gold patterned one. My tags etc colour match except the orange pompons and a copper leaf tag. 

Do we make it one big kit or 2 separate smaller bundles? Can someone at CK tell me?


Lesley G said...

Nice kits, I think you just use them as you like but I'm not from CK so maybe wrong!!

Sandra said...

This will be my first time joining in, so sorry I can't answer your question .. but my guess is, if it feels right for you .. go for it :)

Julia said...

Love the selections you made for your kit this month! I think the decision is up to you if you want to combine your kits into one or if you want to keep them seperate. There really aren't any rules that say you have to do it one way or another!

MiliPea Designs said...

For the buttons, I often add things as I go depending on the kit. As for whether to keep the two kits separate or combine into one big kit, that's totally up to you. The main focus is to use your stash. If you work through them better keeping them smaller and working one at a time, then by all means, keep them separate. If you want to combine them into one so that its easier to mix and match the contents, then do that (this is what I usually do). The preference is all up to you! Both look lovely! Happy creating!

Angela Toucan said...

those look lovely.

I only counterfeited one of the kits, you did great doing both. Weather you use them as two separate kits or one larger one is entirely up to you.

Blessings from Angela.