Saturday, 23 March 2013

Use your stuff on the Ponte Vecchio

We were lucky enough to visit Europe nearly 4 years ago. One of my favourite places was Florence where there is so much culture to absorb. These 3 photos were taken on/near the Ponte Vecchio where the goldsmiths have their stores.
I used many gold stars on my layout purplosely. I chose dark background because I wanted the gold to shine out.There is also a looped ribbon and a small rosette.


Lynne said...

Love this! The little strip of PP on the left is a nice touch. Thank you for plying with us at UYS.

Belinda Scott said...

Fab layout, love the reason why you used the stars :D

Joy said...

I like your version of the sketch. The looped ribbon and rosette are very pretty and I too like your use of the gold stars. Thank you for taking the challenge with us again on the Use Your Stuff blog :)