Sunday, 30 December 2012

A CSI achievement and Christmas

I have just been trawling through blogs on my dashboard and discovered this
for my layout about the Opera House being built.

Strangely enough there was a program on TV last night about the Opera house building and how that giant crane broke and crashed ,luckily killing nobody. It actually made me think about this layout.
I guess being "On the watch list" means a highly commended or something.I was just glad to fit all 4 photos on the page.

Secondly I trust that everybody had a Happy Christmas with their families.I journeyed to Canberra to stay with my daughter for a few days.We went out for lunch,which was less stressful and quite yummy.Here we are at lunch with my ex hubby(her father obviously).
And here's my daughter's new toy!
Well that's all from me for today. Have a Happy New Year and be kind to each other.

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