Monday, 1 May 2017

May Counterfeit Kit

Our kit this month is
I'm a happy scrapper because I LOVE blue.

My kit is more masculine and there is no yellow but it does feature some of the criteria.
black lettering
enamel dots
small black alphas
wood veneers
paper with lines
blocks on a paper
dots on paper
small figured paper
I've adapted it to suit my needs and come up with OXFORD BLUES.

The one thing that I couldn't find was bears, so I added some for display purposes only.
 If you are away at University in Oxford, you need some home comforts like your teddy bear!

The whole kit started with the Basic Grey sheet featuring the spectacles ,named Oxford.
Suddenly I realised I had plaids, spots, lined paper, scientific labels, cameras etc ,so that was the direction I chose. (Preppy)
Here's the papers
My embellishments in their tray, ready to be used. I didn't go overboard this month.

There are three floral papers, so I added flowers and also a seashell one plus the butterfly stamps (for scientific purposes).
Instead of pink there will be some smaller red appearances.

Now here's the order of the mini blog hop:

 Welcome Christy Stickler  our guest designer for this month.

Julene - (you are here)

Leslie -

Lynnette -

Susan -


Susanne said...

Oh, loved that BG paper Oxford, used it for lots of cards once upon a time. your kit is every bit as useful. Enjoy.

Clair said...

Ooh, I love this kit. It feels almost like autumn with all of those checks and stripes - very preppy in feel too!

Kelly Sroka said...

Love this kit! The blues are very cozy.

LCSmithSAVED said...

Perfectly clever name! On my phone so will get a closer look at home. Looks really well done. I think you are going to enjoy this one. Haven't used it up already have you? :)

kate blue said...

Love the more masculine feel with all the blues but then you can go feminine with the butterflies ;)

Susan said...

I like the "preppy" feel of your kit and all those beautiful blue tones!

Karen Lai said...

Loving the blues of your kit!

Lisa said...

I'm really late commenting this month but your blue based kit is really lovely. I smiled when I noticed how few embellies you included - you usually have much bigger kits! But all those masculine blues with the touch of feminine flowers and the seashells is just great. Glad to see you enjoyed using it!