Friday, 10 June 2016

Counterfeit Kit challenge #1.

I've chosen to be inspired by Abbey ever after from Burnett's Boards.
The B side of one of my papers was lilac in colour.
My photo mat is torn brown paper.
I had scraps of pink from another sheet.
I made flowers out of these similar to those in the picture.
I've also used pink antique lace to soften the flowers.
I've used white gauze  to match the lady on the catwalk and the big bow.
My photo is not Downton Abbey but Buckingham Palace. That's aristocratic!
My silhouette lady looks just right on here and the word stickers match the theme.
Finally,lots of bling.
My title is "All together" because it is all together stylish to live there.


Paula said...

Lovely layout! I especially like the flowers, bling & fabric. I hope to one day see Buckingham Palace in to dream don't you.

Chidkid said...

Perfect Downton board for Buckingham Palace..I'm very lucky as I only live an hour away from there so I can see it regularly.