Monday, 2 May 2016

Man style layout.

My first layout this month isn't very pretty. I wanted to record each big thing I have done at my new house.
This is the air conditioning being installed.
As most of it happened up in the roof, I could only take a couple of "before" photos.
I was lucky to get a snap of Glen up the ladder in my lounge-room as he worked so fast.
There are quite a few smaller bits from my kit on there.


Chidkid said...

They may not be pretty photos but it's a very momentous occasion and this is the perfect way to record it..the layout is great regardless

Susan said...

Home projects are never pretty while they're in progress. How fun that you recorded this installation.

Susanne said...

Your title treatment shows that its a big deal, so it definitely needed a page.

Kelly Sroka said...

I love that you are recording happenings around your house. This will be a great layout to look back on!