Friday, 22 February 2013

Counterfeit Kit blog hop

"Welcome to my part of the CKCB Members' Blog Hop.

  This month's challenge was to devise a layout with the title "What I love about..."
 In my case it is What I love about going way back" ie History!
I've always had a passion for history and enjoyed talking about what happened in past lives & past centuries.I've done my family trees and studied history at school and Uni.
 I read historical novels and enjoy watching "period" dramas and movies.I'm fascinated with antiques.

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Maggie said...

Great take on the challenge, Julene.
Sorry my post wasn't up when you came to visit I must have misjudged the time difference.
It's up now though if you'd fancy hopping back over.

Chipper said...

That was a very challenging challenge! You did a great job.

The Scorpian Crafter said...

I soo love your subject & your take on the challenge. What a great idea to remember those times.

CorinaT said...

This challenge was indeed a challenge haha. Great job!!

Tamika said...

so cool!

Julie H said...

I like how you've used lots of "antiquey" colours and items to put your page together and support your theme.

mandysea said...

Definitely love this. the title 'way back' is great for the criteria!! gorgeous!