Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Happy Christmas

I've just checked my out of the hat challenge and I got runner up for their monthly challenge.
Public Choice - Kylie Symons
Runner - Up - Julene Matthews
Random Draw - Judith Armstrong
Mad Hatter Choice - Amanda Taylor
Summary of my achievements in the past month are:
1 layout of the month Shabby chic
1 runner up layout of the month out of the hat
1 3rd in layout of the month artastic
1 layout of the week mystical
3 cybercrop wins purple and mystical

1 2nd place in cybercrop purple
1 encouragement award for completing a challenge nobody else did.

I hope my readers have a sense of humour.I saw this on Unicornjulie's blog and just had to copy it! Those from Purplescraps will get the inside joke!

In case I don't get back here before Christmas,have a very happy one everybody.

There will be more stunning layouts from yours truly next year.(cough)


unicornsjulie said...

well done julene congratulations julie xoxoxoxox

Sandra D said...

Congrats Julene on your great run!