Thursday, 16 March 2017

March CKC Challenge #2

Challenge #2 is to use wet mediums.
I started with a sheet of white cardstock and wet it gently under the kitchen tap.(Not soaked but damp).
Lining up my mists I sprayed blobs along the top using a rainbow idea.
Yellow, red, blue green. I also misted over the top with a clear/frosted mist.
While it was wet, I turned the card vertically and let it dribble down.

Dry in the sun or use a heat gun.

The photo was from a market in Darwin and featured different coloured beads.

Sorry about the shadows. I tried scanning it and photographing it. This is the best I can get it


Susanne said...

You really highlighted the rainbow of colors by how you scrapped this photo. Fab.

Binty said...

pretty LO. love the drip effect.