Monday, 1 February 2016

February Counterfeit Kit

Welcome to another month of surprises with our Counterfeit Kits!
During January Bethany showed us this kit.
My first reaction was "not another pink and jade kit!"
So, this month I'm going very rogue.

Better show you the original first though.

My first attempt was to see what I had in pink & jade, not much after November and January's kits.

Next, I looked for pattern.

I found scallop papers in blue. I found fine typing in blue. I can do watercolour paint for ombre.
I have gold accents .I can counterfeit that "hello " paper.

Here's my counterfeit kit.
Introducing BLUE 2 U

There's features common with the original
 ombre-papers plus embellishments/tags,(counterfeited)
 hello paper (counterfeited)
scalloped paper
navy cardstock
jade cardstock
 gold writing plus hearts
cedar lane toothpick arrows

I haven't gone too heavy on the embellishments. I'm trying to use what is there.
Here's my alphas
And a few last minute items
I added the red hearts for Valentines Day cards.
So there you have it, a blue kit with touches of gold, black and a tiny bit of brown and pink.
Now here's the order for the hop.

Julene: (You are here)

Kelly: (Go here next)



Margie said...

I like the blues! And way to go for making it work for you!

Susanne said...

This is a wonderful direction in which to take the kit - and since you added the red hearts I'll forgive you for not including even a pinch of pink.

Susan said...

I like that you added your own rogue-ish twist but still kept true to the details of the inspiration kit. And blue is my favorite color so all the shades of it in your kit are just lovely.

Clair said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with twisting a kit to suit your own stash (or even to suit your own fancy) - that's why we're counterfeiting after all! I love all of the blues, which will suit both winter and spring layouts or cards, so it's perfect for the time of year! Enjoy working with it this month x

Tina Campbell said...

Love the Rogue look! I really love the blues you have in your kit and the pop of red hearts for the cards. It'll be fun to see the forgeries on these :)

Emma Clark said...

very rogue, i love your style ;)

Lisa said...

clever use of the rogue element! a blue toned kit is great as it looks very much a Julene kit! And well dome for getting those forgeries done! Fun fun fun!

sassyscrapper said...

Yes, those red hearts are going to pack a punch against your sea of blue. You did a great job making the inspiration work for you. Now go kill that kit in that awesome way that you do!

cinmfoster said...

Love the rogue twist. I'll have to counterfeit the toothpick arrows, so cute.
Cindy F

Jimjams said...

Oooh I love the direction you've taken with this month's kit!

Kelly Sroka said...

Great take on the original!