Friday, 1 May 2015

International Scrapbooking Day

Happy International Scrapbooking DAY!

I've a technique to share with you using my canvas resist items from my magpie kit.

First place them flat and brush or spray lightly with water.
Next open up the top of a glimmer mist in your chosen colour.
With a paintbrush and a little colour paint over the shapes.

You will notice that the white outlines appear through the colours.

The next step is to use a second colour on some areas only.
Because of the water they will blend where they meet. (variations of similar colours eg blue/aqua/purple are best, but I only have limited sprays)
At this point, I misted over them with clear mist to give extra sparkle.

When your shapes are dry use liquid pearls over the white areas to highlight further.( eg birds eyes, flower centre etc.)
I found paper towel underneath helped them dry faster.
These will be used on this  layout.


Trish said...

Very effective Julene

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing such a fun technique! I'm definitely a beginner when it comes to mists and mixed media.

In His Grace, Janine Rachau said...

Your birds came out beautifully! Pretty layout!